Editorial: Vito Jones, The Heart of Harlem

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(HARLEM – May 7, 2020) – Every community has that person who knows everyone – that person who is like glue: they hold us all together. They have the pulse of the community, and they know exactly where it hurts. Such a person is Vito Jones.

I met Vito a few years back on 116th Street. We were hosting a Black Wall Street Ceremony at MIST Harlem, and he was one of the honorees. I knew then as I know now how fortunate Harlem is to have such a soldier. His organization, Harlem, Inc., has hosted some of the most spectacular community events ever.

In a brief talk with Vito today, he reiterated the need to stay safe amidst the pandemic. He encouraged me to stay masked-up and gloved-up, to do my grocery shopping early when there are fewer people, and to otherwise stay in the house.

I must say that he has cabin fever. Just before COVID, Vito was working on his next event. And while it pains him to have to shelf the idea for now, one can bet all the tea in China that he will be ready to hit the streets as soon as it’s safe!

Kudos to one of Harlem’s sons, Mr. Vito Jones!   And if you haven’t, check out his work at Harlem, Inc.

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