Empty NYC Subways Overall Amidst COVID-19

By Dallas Lee Bell, HBJ

(NEW YORK – April 9,2020) – Generally speaking, the subways are empty. Overall subway ridership has fallen and the MTA is looking at a steep loss in revenue. According to the New York Post, subway ridership on Sunday was around 400,000 — an 83 percent drop from the same day last year, when ridership was 2.4 million.

MTA Chairman Patrick Foye told Pix 11’s morning news team that the MTA will have a revenue loss of about $4 billion, but at the same time the agency is currently using about $300 million of its budget to disinfect stations, subway cars, Metro-North a Long Island Rail Road cars, buses and paratransit.

“We’ve increased substantially the frequency and intensity of our disinfecting and it is really critical that in order to maintain MTA service that the federal government make good, in terms of reimbursing the MTA for that $4 billion,” said Foye. “Time is really of the essence.”

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